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Information & Ratings on Gregory Ridge Health Care Center (Violations)

Nursing homes are supposed to be places where the elderly and the infirm can receive intensive and expert care towards the end of their lives. It is when this care is something less than expert that there is a problem for your entire family. Nobody can bear to see their loved one struggling as their health fails them. It is all the worse when these issues are exacerbated by the care that they are receiving from the nursing home where they reside. A sizable minority of nursing homes have had significant issues with the care provided by their facilities. Some of these problems can jeopardize the lives and well-being of the home's residents. This is a situation which you should certainly be monitoring if you have a family member in a nursing home. It is vital that you be aware of any problems affecting the nursing home where your loved one resides. 

The Gregory Ridge Health Care Center is a medium-sized skilled nursing facility with 116 certified beds. It is certified to participate in both Medicare and Medicaid and provides services to residents of the Greater Kansas City area. The facility is owned by Reliant Care Management, which has had a history of troubled nursing homes. It is located at:

7001 Cleveland Ave 
Kansas City, MO 64132
(816) 333-0700

Medicare and Medicaid have requirements for nursing homes to be able to participate in the programs. These mandates relate to the quality and safety of case at the facilities. Compliance with these requirements is assessed through on-site surveys of these nursing homes that are carried out by trained surveyors who give exhaustive scrutiny to all areas of care at the nursing home. The results of the survey are published as an inspection report and any significant deviations from the regulations can be punished with a fine. Subsequently, Medicare assigns each facility a star rating, reflecting how the home performed on this survey and previous surveys before it. 

The Gregory Ridge Health Care Center is a one-star rated facility. One of the major elements of the rating was a $26,650 fine that was assessed against the facility in December 2015. The fine was also accompanied by a payment denial. This means that there were unaddressed health citations that were not remedied with 90 days after the nursing home received notice of the violations. 

In addition, the facility also received two letters of noncompliance from the State of Missouri in 2016. The first violation letter stated that the facility failed to take appropriate measures to provide protection to a resident who had alleged that they were sexually abused by another resident. In addition, the facility also failed to follow-up after a resident expressed an intent to harm themselves and did not notify the patient's physician and guardian. The second letter noted that the Gregory Ridge Health Care Center failed to comply with state requirements by failing to test two employees for tuberculosis. 

Even after receiving a fine from the federal government, the Gregory Ridge Health Care Center has not substantially addressed many of the systemic issues with care that plague the facility. The most recent inspection report issued 22 health citations to the facility. This is an unusually large number which is nearly four times the national average for health citations issued to a skilled nursing facility. This follows a 2017 inspection report that noted 14 health citations. In addition, the regulators have had to initiate numerous investigations in response to complaints that have bee filed against the Gregory Ridge Health Care Center. Ten of these complaint investigations have resulted in a citation against the facility. 

An example of a health citation that resulted from a complaint investigation occurred in January 2017. A CNA reported that they had been told by a resident that another CNA had placed their finger in the resident's rectum. However, the facility failed to report an allegation and findings to the Department of Health and Senior Services as they are required by law. Further, the facility has been cited several times for failure to provide residents with the proper care and prevention measures for pressure ulcers. Based on statistics reported to Medicare, nearly nine percent of the resident of the facility have pressure ulcers, which is somewhat higher than the average for nursing homes in Missouri. 

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