Information & Ratings on Grand River Health Care (Violations)

Nursing homes are called skilled nursing facilities for a reason. It requires a great deal of care and diligence to provide intensive nursing services to the elderly and disabled. A majority of nursing homes are able to successfully carry out that mandate. However, there is a minority of nursing homes that, for whatever reason, fail to accomplish the services for which they are paid. In some instances, this rises to the level of negligence. Other times, this may mean that a nursing home is abusing or mistreating a resident. When this happens, you and your family have legal options to hold the nursing home responsible for either their actions or their omissions. Hiring a lawyer can help improve your loved one's situation, both in terms of forcing the nursing home's hand to improve services as well as to obtain a financial settlement for harm suffered.

Grand River Health Care is a Medicare and Medicaid certified facility that provides long-stay services to residents of Chillicothe, MO and Northwestern Missouri. It has 60 certified patient beds and has for-profit ownership. It is located at:

118 Trenton Rd 
Chillicothe, MO 64601
(660) 646-0353

Both the federal government and the State of Missouri provide regulatory oversight of Grand River Health Care. The federal government's regulatory role comes from its status as the overseer of Medicare and Medicaid. The state's regulatory duties originate from the facility's licensing requirements, which are handled on the state level. Each entity has the ability to assess penalties against the facility and find noncompliance with laws and regulations. In the past two years, Grand River Health Care has been given citations on both the state and federal levels.

Grand River Health Care has received two separate admonishments from the State of Missouri in the past two years. In December 2018, Missouri issued a Notice of Noncompliance to this nursing home for failure to follow acceptable standards of practice when staff failed to follow a physician's orders and apply a topical medication. Staff also failed to notify physicians of an open wound on a resident's leg. In October 2017, the State of Missouri cited the nursing home for an incident where a resident was a known risk for elopement and the facility failed to prevent that resident from leaving the facility. That particular resident left through an exit door, yet the alarms failed to activate. 

The federal government fined Grand River Health Care $7,150 in October 2017. At the same time, it issued a payment denial to the facility, meaning that it would temporarily not process Medicare payments for new residents. This typically occurs when there are serious health citations that remain uncorrected for at least 90 days. The fine was levied after there was a complaint inspection launched against the facility in the wake of the previously referenced incident in which a resident walked out of the nursing home. The investigation revealed that the door through the resident left was not properly functioning and had not been working for some time. Even though a company had been contacted to fix the door, the repair still had not been made. In addition, the investigation found that some staff did not receive the full required training for elopement. 

The most recent inspection report was issued in July 2018. It issued 11 separate citations where care was found to not be in compliance with regulations. The report noted multiple instances in which the home did not provide the proper perineal care. This area is vital to properly care for and clean since it is susceptible to infection. In addition, several residents were transferred to and from their wheelchairs without the lock on the wheelchair being engaged.

In addition, Grand River Health Care receives much worse than average measurements on several important metrics. First, the facility has higher than average hospitalizations of its residents. There are 2.38 hospitalizations for every 1000 resident days at the facility, which is markedly higher than the national average of 1.7 This places this nursing home in the position of receiving a penalty from Medicare which can dock it up to two percent of its reimbursements. In addition, Grand River Health Care received a one-star rating for staffing, which reflects the fact that it has only 53 minutes of licensed nurse staff hours per resident per day.

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