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Pressure sores are a prevalent concern for nursing homes across the nation and as an entire generation begins to retire en masse, legitimate worries abound over the epidemic of neglect and abuse sweeping the country. Many Glendale facilities lack the staffing required to offer simple preventative measures and the Glendale bedsore injury attorneys of Nursing Home Law Center LLC are seeking to take these centers to task over their refusal to put patient safety first. If your loved one has suffered needlessly because of neglect, we are prepared to fight on your behalf to make things right.

Glendale Senior Demographics

Glendale Nursing HomesGlendale is the fifth largest city in Arizona and is expanding at a steady pace. From 2010 until present, it has seen the addition of 6.0% of its population— which currently totals over 240,000. About 9.2% of those residents are senior citizens, and many more people are about to join this segment. The senior population has outpaced the rest of the nation in growth by 50% since 2000. Senior activities and assistance are slated to be in high demand in the coming years.

The Glendale Adult Center offers numerous benefits to area residents for a nominal membership fee of as low as $40 a year. Non-members can participate in individual events and activities for as little as $2 a day. The activities and programs provided include computer access and lessons, dance classes, arts and crafts, Bingo, Wii games, health workshops, shuffleboard, chess, numerous fitness programs and special events and trips. You can visit this site for more information on upcoming activities and to how to enroll as a member.

Medicare Assessment of Glendale Nursing Facilities Delivers Mixed Results

Medicare routinely grades nursing homes in order to inform the public regarding concerns such as understaffing, health and safety concerns and acts of negligence which may deter prospective residents from being placed in centers that are unqualified to meet their needs. Of 66 homes in the Glendale area, only 22 received a full five star rating, which reaffirms the consternation many have when they are forced to place their loved ones under professional care.

Our Glendale pressure sore lawyers use the Medicare nursing home compare tool to determine which facilities are most fit to recommend to clients whose loved ones need to be relocated due to neglect or abuse. You can find the tool at and easily compare multiple nursing centers to see which ones are most apt to deliver the standard of care your loved one deserves. Progression of Pressure Ulcers at Glendale Nursing Homes Unwarranted

Patients who are at risk of developing bedsores or who are currently suffering from them should receive special attention in order to prevent the worsening of the sores and to promote healing. Prevention and treatment measures usually occupy five to ten minutes of a caregiver’s time several times a day. It is simply unacceptable for patients to suffer in agony because of injuries that are completely preventable.

Changing the position that a patient is resting in and monitoring him or her for signs of sores is not very complicated. The reason caregivers are not able to provide this very basic care is normally because they are overworked and forced to address the needs of other patients. With inadequate manpower to check in with every patient, these patients receive minimal care and suffer for it.

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Nursing Home Law Center LLC is a leading prosecutor of nursing home neglect cases and we have taken nursing facilities to task on behalf of thousands of clients just like you. Our knowledge of the law and extensive experience help us to ensure you have the best possible chance of success and that your recovery is nothing short of what you are entitled to receive. Contact us today to speak with a Glendale bedsore injury attorney so that we can discuss your legal options in more depth.

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