General Articles About Bed Sores

After I Become Aware of a Bed Sore, Should I Photograph It?

Are All “Sores” Considered to Be “Bed Sores?”

Are Assisted Living Facilities Responsible for the Prevention of Bed Sores in Their Patients?

Are Bed Sores Inevitable for Obese Patients in Nursing Homes & Hospitals?

Are Bed Sores on the Heels Common?

Are Bed Sore Patients at Risk for Amyloidosis?

Are Hospital Patients Prone to Develop Bed Sores?

Are Incontinent Patients at an Increased Risk for Developing Bed Sores?

Are Individuals with Poor Nutrition Susceptible to Bed Sores?

Are Nursing Home or Hospital Patients with a Cast at Risk for Developing Bed Sores?

Are Seniors in Residential Care Facilities and Other Alternative Living Arrangements at Risk for Developing Bed Sores?

Bed Sores are a Serious Medical Condition That Needs to be Handled by Medical Facilities - Not Necessarily at Home

Bed Sores Continue to Plague Nursing Home & Hospital Patients in all Demographics

Bed Sores Continue to Plague Patients in Chicago Nursing Homes & Hospitals

Bed Sores Don’t Kill - Complications do!

Bed Sores: The Affliction of the Afflicted

Can Bed Sores be Fatal?

Can Bed Sores Cause Cancer?

Can Bed Sores Cause Cellulitis?

Can Bed Sores Cause Osteomyelitis?

Can Bed Sores Lead to Amputation of Limbs?

Can Bed Sores Lead to Amputation of Limbs? - Part 2

Can Dehydration Contribute to the Development of Bed Sores?

Can Malnutrition Cause Bed Sores?

Can Spinal Cord Injury Patients with Bed Sores Develop Autonomic Dysreflexia?

Can the Rate of Pressure Sores be Decreased? One Hospital Says Yes and Proves It

Can Young People Develop Bed Sores During an Admission to a Medical Facility?

Decubitus Ulcers Remain Deadly Problem for Hospital Patients

Do not Accept Bed Sores as an Inevitable Part of the Aging Process

For an Individual, how Much Does it Cost to Treat Bed Sores?

Frozen Joints or Contractures can Increase Patient’s Risk for Developing Bed Sores

Government Program Aims to Reduce Hospital Re-Admissions from Complications such as Pressure Ulcers

Hispanic Nursing Home Patients are More Likely to Suffer From Pressure Ulcers

Hospital Patients are More Likely to Develop Decubitus Ulcers Today Than They Were 10 Years ago

How Many Calories Does a Patient with Advanced Bed Sores Need to Consume?

How Many Hospital Patients Suffer From Bed Sores?

How Much is Spent Treating Bed Sores on an Annual Basis?

How Should Medical Professionals Document a Healing Bed Sore?

If a Person has Contractures, are They at an Increased Likelihood for Developing Bed Sores?

If Bed Sores are not Timely Treated, can Gangrene Develop?

Infected Bed Sores may Result in Amputations

Is an Autopsy Necessary When a Family Suspects Bed Sores Caused the Death of a Family Member?

Is it True That Minorities Have a Higher Rate of Bed Sores Compared with the General Population?

Is Necrotizing Fasciitis Related to Bed Sores?

Is There a Correlation Between Bed Sores and the Development of a Systemic Infection Known as Sepsis?

Is There a Difference Between ''Venous Ulcers'' and ''Pressure Ulcers?''

Is There Such a Thing as ''Reverse Staging'' for Healing Bed Sores?

Medicaid Pulls Hospital Reimbursement for “Never Events,” Including Severe Bed Sores

Medical Facilities Slow to Recognize how Decubitus Ulcers Impact Their Bottom Line

Nursing Homes Can’t Leave Immobile Patients Alone Without Risk of Pressure Sores

Outpatient Surgery - Why Even Relatively Healthy Patients are at Risk for Developing Pressure Sores During Recovery

Patients with Paraplegia at High Risk for Developing Pressure Ulcers

Pressure Sores are Needlessly Killing Nursing Home & Hospital Patients

Pressure Sore Complications: Septic Shock

Proper “Coding” Necessary for Hospitals Receiving Bed Sore Reimbursement

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Sobering Bed Sore Statistics Regarding Prevalence, Infection & Death

Sometimes Medical Complications, Such as Bed Sores, are not Disclosed Until the Patient is Seen at a Hospital

Survival Rates for Sepsis Patients is Dependent on how Quickly the Medical Facility Identifies the Problem and Implements Treatment

The Development of Decubitus Ulcers During a Hospitalization is not Just Dangerous for the Patient, it is Simply bad Business

The Dirty Secret About Pressure Sores: An Infographic

Use Visits of Loved Ones in Nursing Homes for More Than Social Interactions - Conduct Your Own Assessment

What Areas of the Body are Prone to Develop Bed Sores?

What are Some Authoritative Websites Where I can Learn More About Bed Sores?

What are the Characteristics of Each Stage of Pressure Ulcer?

What are the Primary Types of Sepsis Treatment to Help Patients With Bed Sores?

What are the Signs of Infection for People who Have Bed Sores?

What Causes a Decubitus Ulcer to Develop?

What Chronic Medical Conditions Make a Person Susceptible to Develop Bed Sores?

What Does a Patient’s Albumin Level Have to do with Bed Sores?

What Information Should a Facility Document in Individuals with Bed Sores?

What is a “Deep Tissue” Injury?

What Is a Kennedy Ulcer?

What is a ''Tunneling'' Bed Sore?

What is an Unstageable Bed Sore?

What is a Wound Vac and how Does it Work?

What is DuoDerm and why is It Used to Treat Bed Sores?

What is “Eschar” and why is it Used When Describing Bed Sores?

What is Exudate?

What is “Flap Reconstruction” and why is it Necessary to Treat Bed Sores?

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and why is it Used to Treat Bed Sores?

What Lab Studies are Significant in the Pressure Ulcer Patient?

What Should I do if my Family Member Develops Bed Sores During an Admission to a Nursing Home?

What Types of Wound Dressing can be Used on Bed Sores?

Who’s to Blame for Bed Sores in the Obese? Or are They an Inevitable Part of Being Fat?

Why are Bed Sores Part of the Government’s “Never Even” List?

Why are Immobile Patients at Risk for Developing Pressure Sores?

Why are Mentally Disabled Patients at Risk for Developing Bed Sores?

Why are Patients Recovering From a Hip Fracture Susceptible to Develop Pressure Ulcers?

Why are Physically Disabled Patients at Risk for Developing Bed Sores?

Why are Rehab Patients at Risk for Developing Bed Sores?

Why are Some Younger Patients Prone to Develop Bed Sores?

Why do Bed Sores Commonly Develop on the Buttocks?

Why do Facilities Need to “Off Load” Patients?

Why is a Colostomy Needed for Patients with Severe Bed Sores?

Why is a Patient’s Hydration Level Critical to Healing Bed Sores?

Why is it Common for Nursing Home and Hospital Patients to Develop Bed Sores on Their Back?

Why is it Important to Differentiate the Type of Facility Where a Bed Sore Developed?

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