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Information & Ratings on Garden View Care Center at Dougherty Ferry (Violations)

When a nursing home cannot get its own act together to provide your loved one with competent care, you have the power to do something about it. When nursing homes are not able to either manage their own competence or even refrain from mistreating your loved one, a skilled attorney can make them understand the urgency of the situation. Even if they are non-profit organizations, nursing homes are businesses and the prospect of a settlement being paid may motivate them to right their ship. Hiring a lawyer can not only help you get this message across, but it can also ensure that your family receives compensation if your loved one has suffered any harm while a resident of a nursing home.

The Garden View Care Center at Dougherty Ferry is a Medicare and Medicaid certified facility that provides services to Valley Park, MO and the Greater Saint Louis area. It is a small facility with 28 certified beds and it is owned by a for-profit corporation. It is located at:

13612 Big Bend Rd 
Valley Park, MO 63088
(636) 923-8693

The federal government carries out inspections of all nursing homes that participate in the Medicare and Medicaid to ensure that they are following the many regulations that govern skilled nursing facilities. Medicare carries out surprise inspections that usually occur around once each year. In addition, there are inspections that are initiated as a result of specific complaints that are filed against the nursing home.

Medicare assigns each facility a rating on a scale of one-star to five stars, with one-star being the lowest ranking that a nursing home can get. A nursing home will receive a one-star rating when one of the four subfactors is rated as one star. The four subfactors are health inspections, fire safety inspection, staffing and quality of life measures. It is rare that a nursing home will have one-star rating in each of the subfactors. The Garden View Care Center at Dougherty Ferry did achieve one-star ratings across the board.

In addition to the federal government, the State of Missouri also is responsible for ensuring that nursing homes follow applicable state regulations. The state will investigate complaints against the facility and will also initiate inspections. When the state discovers a violation of Missouri laws and regulations, it will issue a public letter to nursing home notifying them of the violation and giving them a certain time to fix the problem or face fines. In October 2017, Missouri issued a notice of violation to the Garden View Care Center at Dougherty Ferry. The facility was in violation of laws for failure to administer medications as ordered and to clarify physician orders regarding medication. In addition, the home violated rules by collection dirty linens and leaving them in an uncovered bin and by not ensuring that the staff members changing the linens washed their hands. This is considered to be a lack of an infection control program.

The federal inspection reports cited the nursing home for failure to report and document abuse allegations. One resident alleged that a CNA had slapped them and caused their head to hit the wall. The nurse checked the resident for an injury and did not spot one. The patient's file did not document whether the Director of Nursing or Administrator were informed of the abuse, and neither said that they were aware of the incident. The nurse who was on duty claimed that they informed the Director of Nursing by leaving a note under their door. This does not follow the protocol for reporting and investigating an abuse allegation.

The previous year's inspection report documented instances in which residents were treated in a manner unbefitting of their dignity. The nursing assistants routinely ignored the residents at meal times. Even if the CNA was helping the resident, they were not speaking to the resident nor were they acknowledging them in any way. Instead, they were carrying on conversations with each other. One would think that the fact that this is a smaller facility would mean that residents would receive more attention. In addition, medications were changed by simply crossing things off of the prescription instead of writing a new order. This leaves the prescription vulnerable to error. With regard to prescriptions, the 2017 inspection report showed a medication error rate of nearly 15 percent, which is markedly higher than the allowable rate of five percent.

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