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Fox Subacute at Clara BurkeThe nursing home population in Pennsylvania has grown significantly over the last few decades where the cost of running these facilities has increased dramatically. Many nursing facilities are far more interested in maintaining profits than providing the highest level of health and hygiene care. Unfortunately, many nursing home residents and Montgomery County have become the victims of abuse and neglect. If your loved one was mistreated at a nursing center, Pennsylvania Nursing Home Law Center Attorneys can help. Our attorneys fight aggressively on behalf of our clients to ensure they are adequately and fairly compensated for their financial damages. We work hard to hold those responsible for your injuries legally accountable. Let us begin working on your case now.

Fox Subacute at Clara Burke

This Center is a Medicaid/Medicare-participating 60-certified bed Facility providing services to residents of Plymouth Meeting and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The “for-profit” Long-Term Care Home is located at:

251 Stenton Avenue
Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, 19462
(610) 828-2272

In addition to providing around-the-clock skilled nursing care, the facility also offers:

  • Medical rehabilitation
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Palliative care
  • Sensory stimulation therapy
  • Medical care
Financial Penalties and Violations One Star Rating

It is the legal responsibility of Pennsylvania and federal government investigators to hold nursing homes accountable if they have violated rules and regulations that harmed or could have harmed a resident. These penalties include monetary fines and the denial of payment for Medicare services. Within the last three years, these nursing home agencies have fined Fox Subacute at Clara Burke $59,892 on December 6, 2016, in two separate levied penalties including one for $36,362 and another for $23,530. Additionally, within the past 36 months, the facility received one filed formal complaint. Additional documentation about penalties and fines can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Public Health posted surveys website concerning this nursing home.

Plymouth Meeting Pennsylvania Nursing Home Residents Safety Concerns

Families can download statistics from and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Health online sites to view a comprehensive historical list of all opened investigations, dangerous hazards, filed complaints, safety concerns, incident inquiries, and health violations of every facility statewide. The information can be used to determine the level of health, and hygiene care each community long-term care facility provides its patients.

According to Medicare, this facility maintains an overall rating of one out of five stars, including two out of five stars concerning health inspections, one out of five stars for staffing issues and one out of five stars for quality measures. The Montgomery County neglect attorneys at Nursing Home Law Center have found serious deficiencies and safety concerns at Fox Subacute at Clara Burke that include:

“Failed to provide the necessary care to promote healing of pressure ulcers ” -- PA State Inspector
  • Failure to Ensure That the Nursing Home Area is Safe, Easy to Use, Clean and Comfortable for All Residents, Staff and the Public
  • In a summary statement of deficiencies dated October 6, 2017, a state surveyor documented the facility's failure to "provide a clean and sanitary environment for all residents, staff and the public.” The investigator observed the facility during a three-day survey and saw “all resident living areas and non-living areas, on all floors, revealed large, dark carpet stains throughout the building.” Employees at the facility confirmed these deficiencies. The survey team documented the facility “failed to provide a clean and sanitary environment.”

  • Failure to Ensure Residents Receive Proper Treatment and Care to Prevent the Development of New Pressure Sores or Allow Existing Pressure Sores to Heal
  • In a summary statement of deficiencies dated October 6, 2017, the state agency surveyor noted the facility’s failure to “provide the necessary care to promote healing of pressure ulcers.” The deficient practice by the nursing staff involved “one resident reviewed with pressure sores.” The investigator reviewed the facility’s policy titled: Wound Care and Pressure Ulcer Care that reads in part:

    “Equipment includes sterile cotton-tipped applicators, to not traumatize the wound while cleaning and discard soil dressing’s and gloves and waterproof trash bags.”

    The investigator reviewed the resident’s annual MDS (Minimum Data Set) that indicated that “the resident was severely impaired” and “needed total dependence of two staff for transfers and bathing and was incontinent of bowel. The resident was nonambulatory.”

    An observation was made of the treatment of the resident’s sacral wounds performed by a Licensed Practical Nurse. During the observation, the resident was “lying on [their] left side in bed. The resident had been incontinent of stool, was clean using disposable incontinence wipes (soiled with smears of feces) were observed in a pile in the bed next to the resident’s left buttock below the area of the wound (potential for contamination of the wound).”

    The investigator stated that “without disposing of the soiled wipes, the resident’s sacral area was cleansed with saline (solution of salt and water). The LPN “then packed the wound with Kerlix (a role of gauze dressing that is crinkled) dressing by using one and two fingers at a time (potential injury to the tissue), instead of cotton-tipped sterile applicators.” The Director of Nurses confirmed the deficiency. The investigator also documented that the “facility failed to provide the necessary care to promote healing of pressure ulcers.”

  • Failure to Report and Investigate Any Act or Reports of Abuse, Neglect or Mistreatment of Residents
  • In a summary statement of deficiencies dated December 2, 2016, a state investigator documented concerns about the facility's failure to "complete comprehensive investigations and follow-up.” The deficient practice by the nursing staff involved two residents “reviewed for who were identified with fractures of unknown origin/harm, which was identified as an Immediate Jeopardy to the residents’ health and safety.” The investigator reviewed the facility’s policy and procedure titled: Resident Incident and Accident Reports that read in part:

    “Incidents shall be analyzed on a periodic basis to determine any trends in frequency or severity. Should such trends be identified, action shall be taken as necessary, to eliminate those trends. The Director of Nurses, Administrator and Medical Director will review and sign all incident reports.”

    The state investigator interviewed a family member of a resident at the facility who had experienced harm from “an unknown origin and the family member wanted the surveyor to look into the injury.” The investigator reviewed the resident’s Annual MDS (Minimum Data Set) Assessment which was before [the fracture, that] revealed that the resident had a severe mental impairment, a hearing deficit and that the resident was on a ventilator. The assessment also revealed that the resident required extensive assistance with care needs.”

    “Failed to complete comprehensive investigations and follow-up [involving a fracture of unknown origin]” - PA State Inspector

    When reviewing the facility’s documentation, it was revealed that “a fracture of unknown origin was identified to [the resident’s] left humerus (upper arm bone). The investigation also found that the “fracture of unknown origin revealed that after the resident received care, the resident was turned back onto [their back] and that [a Nurse Aide] heard a pop sound and notified the Nurse.” The resident underwent an x-ray that “identified the left humerus spiral (twisted) fracture with displacement angulation and lateral overriding of the bone.”

    A bone specialist (orthopedic) note revealed that “the resident was a quadriplegic (unable to use all four limbs) and that the fracture could have resulted from a twisting injury, a fall or a direct blow.” However, the facility’s investigation did not identify “if the resident’s extremities were used to reposition the resident.”

    The investigator reviewed the Nurse Aide personnel file that “failed to reveal that any re-education was provided to [the Nurse Aide] following the fracture incident. The investigation report did not include the Medical Director’s signature or evidence that the report was reviewed by the Medical Director” which violates state and federal nursing home regulations and the facility’s policies.

  • Failure to Provide Necessary Care and Services to Maintain the Highest Well-Being of Every Resident
  • In a summary statement of deficiencies dated October 1, 2015, a state surveyor documented the nursing home’s failure to “clarify/carry out a physician’s orders.” The state investigator reviewed the resident’s Medical Records to determine that the resident was receiving medical treatment “three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.”

    In an interview with the Director of Nurses, it was revealed that “the nurses might have added and documented the fluids the resident might have obtained from other sources such as vending machines and local stores.” The floor nurse was interviewed and stated that they “documented in the medication administration record” that “the resident had no specific Care Plan for fluid restriction in the physician was not notified that nurses were administering on an almost regular basis more fluid than what was ordered by the physician.” The investigator documented that the facility “failed to follow physician orders” as required by law.

  • Failure to Develop, Implement and Enforce Programs That Investigate, Control and Keep Infections from Spreading
  • In a summary statement of deficiencies dated October 6, 2017, a state investigator noted the Nursing Home’s failure to "maintain an effective infection control program during a medication pass and the environment to assist in maintaining a safe and healthy environment.” The investigator observed a medication pass performed by a Licensed Practical Nurse who was “preparing medication for three residents and then administering them. A small metal serving tray was placed on top of the medication cart. The tray was observed to be soiled and was not cleaned before using.”

    The investigator observed the Licensed Practical Nurse assembling medication cuts, syringes, and other necessary items before taking “into each of the resident’s room, placed under the resident over bed tables, which were not clean, and each of the rooms. The medications were administered and then [the LPN] returned to the cart and placed the tray directly on to the medication cart (potentially contaminating the cart each time).” The Director of Nurses confirmed this deficiency.

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