Information & Ratings on Fieser Nursing Center (Violations)

When it is your loved one who is receiving subpar care at a nursing home, national or even local statistics do not matter to you. Instead, all you can see is the plight of your family member. This is understandable given that your loved one's care is your responsibility, notwithstanding any decision that you make to entrust them to someone else's care. You are obligated to stay on top of their care to make sure they are getting what they need. In the event that the nursing home is harming your loved one, either wantonly or through their own negligence, you have the ability to take legal action against the nursing facility. Mistreatment is not something that you have to allow to happen. Instead, a competent lawyer can get results on behalf of your family so the nursing home that mistreated your loved one will have to answer. 

Fieser Nursing Center is certified by Medicare and Medicaid and provides intermediate care for patients who range from ambulatory to bedridden. It has 60 certified beds and is owned by a for-profit corporation. The Fieser Nursing Center serves residents of Fenton, MO and the Greater Saint Louis area. It is located at:

404 Main St. 
Fenton, MO 63026
(636) 343-4344

The federal government will inspect nursing homes roughly once every calendar year as part of their regulatory duties. As the administrator of Medicare and Medicaid, the federal government must make sure that these skilled nursing facilities are following the myriad of regulations with which nursing home must comply. These regulations are very granular and detailed and govern nearly every aspect of care at a nursing home. The government needs to know that it is not paying nursing homes Medicare reimbursements that are not following the rules. 

The most recent federal inspection was conducted in June 2018. The report issued 11 health citations to the facility. One of the major areas of concern was the facility's treatment of patients in the area of pressure ulcers. These are otherwise known as bedsores. The nursing home does have a somewhat higher rate of pressure ulcers among its patients than the national average. The inspection report noted once instance in which a resident had a pressure ulcer for several weeks and, even though the nurses were instructed to treat the area, no treatment was given. There was also no documentation of the wound, notification to the physician or treatment orders to the wound. There was another resident who also had a pressure ulcer and the staff did not properly document the treatment of the ulcer. 

In addition, the facility was issued a citation for several incidents relating to administration of medication. Specifically, for several patients, the facility administered anti-psychotic medication without the proper documentation. The staff must document the non-pharmacological interventions that have been attempted prior to giving the resident anti-psychotic medications. In these cases, the staff did not do so. In one instance, the resident was physically violent with the staff, biting one staff member and slapping another. Nevertheless, the administration of these medications must be done in accordance with strict procedures and criteria. A nursing home simply cannot go straight to administering anti-psychotic medications without attempting other interventions. 

In addition to federal government regulation, nursing homes in Missouri are subject to regulation on the state level as well. The state will also find the nursing home to be in violation of state level requirements. If these violations are not corrected, the state can issue a fine for each day that the facility is not in compliance. In 2016, the Fieser Nursing Center was found to lack an effective infection control program. The violation letter noted that four of the nine residents sampled lacked this program for their perineal care, which is an area of the body highly prone to infection. This violation was noted on the initial state licensure exam, and it was still present on a follow-up visit conducted by the state. This problem had not been fully resolved as of the June 2018 inspection since the facility was cited for staff members not properly washing hands and changing gloves while helping and transferring a resident.

Although this is not a part of the nursing home's ratings, there was a disturbing incident that occurred back in 2013. A facility employee was arrested for stealing a resident's Jitterbug phone that they need to make phone calls. 

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