Information & Ratings on Fair View Nursing Home (Violations)

The health and well-being of your loved one are undoubtedly important to you. That is the most likely reason why you have decided to entrust them to a nursing care facility. In all likelihood, your family has determined that your loved one can receive the best care when it is around-the-clock at a skilled nursing facility. The problem occurs when the nursing home that cares for your family member does not do so properly and in accordance with governing regulations. In that event, you are likely finding your family member suffering under the treatment of the nursing home. However, that does not have to be a given that cannot be changed. You can hire an attorney to help prompt a change in your family member's circumstances. There is a body of law that applies to elder care and an attorney can help you figure out if it has been violated.

The Fair View Nursing Home is a 69 certified bed facility that has for-profit ownership. This nursing home participates in both Medicare and Medicaid and provides long-stay services to residents of Sedalia, MO and the Central Missouri area. It is located at:

1714 W 16th St 
Sedalia, MO 65301
(660) 827-1594

The Nursing Home Reform Act requires that nursing homes that participate in Medicare and Medicaid meet certain quality of care requirements. There is a series of regulations laid out that impose various federal requirements on nursing homes. In addition, there are state requirements that must be followed in order for the skilled nursing facility to maintain its license. Either the federal or the state government has the ability to fine the nursing home when regulations are not followed.

The Fair View Nursing Home received a fine of $8,518 from the federal government in March 2017. In addition, Medicare also issued a payment denial at that time. This means that, for a certain period, Medicare would not process and remit payments from new patients at the facility. This occurs when there are serious health citations that have not ben addressed more than 90 days after they have first been raised with the nursing home.

Nursing homes receive ratings from Medicare based on their inspections. The Fair View Nursing Home received the lowest possible rating, which is one star. While there were no shockingly egregious lapses in care documented against the facility, there was a steady pattern of deficiencies that touched most areas of the residents' lives. The inspection reports reveal several troubling gaps in the care provided by the home. In one instance, staff had been using a seatbelt as a safety device to keep a resident from sliding forward in their wheelchair when it was not documented by the physician that a seatbelt is an acceptable safety device. Another resident was given a lap buddy as a restraint without the proper documentation or assessment or consent from their spouse. In fact, the statistics show that the facility had over five percent of their residents with restraints when it is an uncommon and extraordinary practice in general. 

There were also several instances in which staff did not offer residents fluids when in their room. The staff is always supposed to offer a resident some fluids during meal or when they are in the resident's room. In addition to failure to offer fluids, staff also did not offer oral care to patients.

The facility also received a one-star rating for the staffing component of the Medicare scores. The Fair View Nursing Home, based on the statistics provided to Medicare, has far less than the average nursing staff than do most facilities nationally. This home has 52 minutes of licensed nurse staff hours per resident per day when the national average is 94 minutes. There are only RN hours per resident per day when the national average is 41 minutes. There is also no physical therapist time each day for a resident. 

The 2018 inspection report issued a health citation for practices that violate a resident's dignity. On multiple occasions, staff simply entered a resident's room without knocking, nor did they introduce themselves upon entering. There were 14 separate instances in which staff did not knock before entering. In addition, there was one instance in which the resident had a condition that required a physician's attention, but the family was not alerted. 

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