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Information & Ratings on Edgewood Manor Center for Rehab and Healthcare (Violations)

Your loved ones who reside in a nursing home are still your responsibility even if their care has been entrusted to someone else. It is excruciating to watch them receive substandard care, especially when you know that they are suffering. Is is even more difficult if that poor care involves abuse or mistreatment. This is not just wrong, it is plain illegal. The right lawyer on your side will help you hold these nursing homes responsible for what they have done. Not only can it improve the life of your loved one, but you can also receive a settlement if you can show wrongdoing on behalf of the nursing home. The first thing that you must do is learn as many of the facts as possible and call an attorney.

The Edgewood Manor Center for Rehab and Healthcare is a 66 certified bed facility that serves patients in Raytown, MO and the Kansas City area. The facility participates in both Medicare and Medicaid and has for-profit ownership. It is located at:

11900 Jessica Lane 
Raytown, MO, 64138
(816) 358-7858

The federal government has two primary enforcement mechanisms when nursing homes have serious violations of regulations at their facilities. The government can fine the nursing home and it can also deny them Medicare payments for new residents. Payment denials come after serious citations are not resolved within 90 days after they are brought to the nursing home's attention. The Edgewood Manor Center for Rehab and Healthcare received a $52,321 fine in September 2016. One would think that receiving a large fine would have placed the facility on notice to improve its care. However, nearly two years after that fine, the Edgewood Manor Center for Rehab and Healthcare had a payment denial in May 2018.

This facility was cited by the State of Missouri in May 2016 for failure to provide appropriate care to prevent and treat pressure ulcers. These are otherwise known as bedsores. Even after this violation should have placed the nursing home on notice that this was something to be addressed, the rate of pressure ulcers among their residents is still nearly double the national average. 

This nursing home received the lowest possible rating from Medicare for its staffing. The nursing home has practically no Registered Nurses on staff based on the statistics reported. In addition, physical therapists for the residents are practically nonexistent based on the numbers given to Medicare. 

The 2016 inspection report that resulted in the large fine gave 21 health citations to this nursing home. One of the citations was for failure to adequately document and report an incident that involved alleged abuse. It was alleged that a male resident was kissing a female resident on the lips. In addition, a female resident claimed that a male staff member was touching her breasts and commenting on them. While the incident was reported to the state agency as required, the information submitted as part of the report was lacking in certain required elements of the report.

For another patient with dementia, the staff was supposed to document their bowel movements three times each day. Instead, the staff failed to document bowel movements nearly two third of the time. In addition, the facility did not properly assist residents with grooming and personal and oral hygiene. One particular resident was noted as having a foul odor coming from their mouth and did not receive the proper perineal care. That particular resident reported not receiving any care from the time that they had woken up at 7:00 AM until past 11:00 AM and was laying in the same position in bed during that entire time. This can be construed as neglect. 

The following inspection, in December 2017, resulted in 12 health citations for this facility. This is still well above the national average of 5.8 citations per inspections. With many residents and constant daily needs, there will be some mistakes made, but homes that have a high volume of mistakes and errors can be dangerous for residents. In addition, there has been 13 complaints to the state agency that resulted in citations against this facility. Violations of standards of care have been a continuing problem for this nursing home over the past few years, and the facility has not made the necessary improvement. 

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The attorneys at the Nursing Home Law Center are very familiar with the types of care deficiencies that are found in these inspection report and know what to do about it. Call them at (800( 726-9565 and find out how they can best deal with any issues that your loved one is having at this particular facility or any other nursing home. The consultation is free and the only way that we would require payment for our services is if you receive a financial recovery for the mistreatment of your loved one. In that instance, we receive a percentage of the recovery based on the retainer agreement that we sign at the outset of our representation. We can help your family take action if it is necessary. 


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