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Information & Ratings on Eastview Manor Care Center (Violations)

Nursing homes that do not afford their residents the proper care are not just shortchanging your family, but are endangering the lives of your loved ones. While there are many good and caring nursing homes, there are also unfortunately many bad actors who place the profit motive ahead of caring for their residents. However, there is something that may take precedence over a nursing home's bottom line and that is the law to which they are subject. When a nursing home mistreats or abuses your elder, or even gives them deficient care, they can be held liable in a court of law for the damages that they have caused. However, it is very difficult to do this on your own without a lawyer. As a result, you should consider obtaining legal representation as soon as possible.

The Eastview Manor Care Center is a nursing home that has 90 certified beds and provides long-stay care. It participates in both Medicare and Medicaid and is owned by a for-profit corporation. It provides services to residents of Trenton, MO and Grundy County. It is located at:

1622 E 28th St 
Trenton, MO 64683
(660) 359-2251

Federal law requires skilled nursing facilities to comply with certain laws and regulations. In the event that a surprise inspection of a nursing home reveals serious problems, the federal government has the ability to assess a fine against the facility. This hurts the nursing home both financially and reputationally since these fines are a matter of public record. According to a New York Times study, the average nursing home fine is around $33,000. Even one fine is problematic for a nursing home's business. Multiple fines are indicative of continuing severe problems.

The Eastview Manor Care Center has been assessed two fines in the past three years. Both of these fines came in 2016 and totaled roughly $64,000. While the facility has not been fined in the past two years, its ratings remain at the low end of the scale and its most recent health inspection still revealed numerous problems. The 2018 report painted a picture of a facility that does not give its residents much if any agency. The facility was cited for not promoting and facilitating resident  self-determination through support of resident choice. In addition, CNAs transferred residents without locking the brakes on their wheelchairs. 

The February 2016 inspection that led to the first fine contained a staggering 23 health citations when the average nursing home receives six on each inspection. One citation was issued for the facility's punishing residents on several occasions when misbehavior was suspected. In one instance, nurses took a resident's blanket when they refused to remain in the dining room while the silverware was counted. In another instance, staff had confiscated a patient's television. Staff was observed acting in a threatening manner to the home's residents. In addition, residents were denied on several occasions the right to have visitors on the unit. This is treating elders in a manner befitting small children instead of as elders who have earned respect and does not afford them the dignity that they deserve. 

Medicare has the right to deny a facility payments for new patients when there are continuing violations that have not been corrected within 90 days. Given that most of a home's patients receive services that are paid for by Medicare, this amounts to a bar on accepting most new patients. This is considered a drastic sanction, The Eastview Manor Health Center had payment denials that accompanied each of the fines in 2016.

Staffing appears to be a major issue and concern at Eastview Manor Health Center. Not only has staff been documented to act aggressively and punitively against the residents, but the numbers provided by the facility show that it is understaffed. There are very few RNs and LPNs at the home. There are only 21 minutes of licensed nurse staff hours per resident per day which is far below the national average of 94 minutes. With those metrics, nurses tend to get overworked and can give each resident little personal attention because of their workload. There is also only one minute of physical therapist staff hours per resident per day, meaning residents would have difficulty receiving physical therapy. 

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