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Information & Ratings on E W Thompson Health & Rehabilitation Center (Violations)

When your loved one resides at a nursing home, you do not want or need extra worry about whether they are receiving care in a competent and safe manner. You especially do not want to learn that your family member has been injured in any way due to a mistake or something even worse. If that does happen, you are not without options. You can retain a lawyer to help you obtain the justice that your loved one deserves and should not be deprived of simply because they can no longer fight for themselves. 

Nursing homes are not above the law and the law imposes obligations on them to act in a manner that does not mistreat your loved or is negligent in any way. Not only can the nursing homes be found in violation of state and federal laws, but you can also obtain a jury award or financial settlement from them if your loved one has suffered damages due to deficient care.

The E W Thompson Health & Rehabilitation Center is a 60 certified bed facility that provides short-stay and long-stay services to residents of Sedalia, MO and Central Missouri. The facility participates in both Medicare and Medicaid. It is located at:

975 Mitchell Rd 
Sedalia, MO 65301
(660) 851-0668

The one-star rating for this facility is apparently based on two different things. The first is a $3,641 fine that was levied against the facility in March 2017. The inspection was conducted as a result of a complaint that was filed against the facility. This fine resulted from a single incident in which a resident who was being transported in a van from the hospital back to the facility suffered a broken sternum during the trip.

The resident's injury occurred when the wheelchair in which they were riding fell backwards when the driver accelerated after the light turned green. When the wheelchair flipped, the patient hit their head against the back door. The driver claimed that they had securely fastened the wheelchair into the van using the safety straps and the administrator believed that it was a freak accident. However, there was a seatbelt attachment that should have been used, but the driver did not know its purpose and did not deploy it. The driver claimed that they were never told about the seat belt attachment and how to use it and the administrator stated that the driver never asked about the attachment.

The other subfactor in which the E W Thompson Health & Rehabilitation Center received a one-star rating was in staffing. The facility did not provide adequate information for Medicare to evaluate the staffing levels. While this is not tantamount to inadequate staffing at the facility, there is nothing to inspire confidence that this nursing home has enough nurses and therapists to handle the patients since the facility did not provide a proper response to the question. The only way to know whether the facility is properly staff is to assess survey responses. 

The most recent inspection report in September 2018 revealed an instance in which a resident was left in a chair with restraints for long periods of time without further observation. Residents should not be left with restraints for more than 30 minutes without monitoring by facility staff. This particular resident was observed on many occasions to be in their wheelchair with their restraint on including at meal times. The nursing home staff taught this resident how to use the bathroom while in the restraint. This restraint was first applied without the staff performing a restraint assessment and compiling the proper documentation. Restraints should be applied only after receipt of an order from a physician that documents the need for the restraint and when it should be applied.

In addition, this facility received a one-star rating for the quality of resident care. Residents of this facility contract pressure ulcers at a rate much higher than the national average. In addition, nearly a quarter of the residents of this home report experiencing moderate to severe pain, which is well above the national average of 12.8 percent.

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