Devon Gables Health Care Center

Devon Gables logoThe Devon Gables Health Care Center is a very large, 312 bed nursing home in Tucson, Arizona.

As of May 20, 2009, the Arizona Department of Health Services gave the nursing home a quality rating of “A,” which is Excellent. However a closer look into thefacilitiesrecent past reveals problems that threaten patient safety. On June 22nd, the nursing home agreed to pay $1,450 in civil penalties for failure to implement their own policies on skin care, change of condition, and wound monitoring for one resident. During a state investigation, inspectors discovered sixteen violations of state and federal rules.

The state inspection report included violations for:

  • Failing to get a resident timely treatment for a skin problem that developed into a serious pressure sores
  • Giving narcotic drugs to a resident who was known to be allergic to narcotics
  • Failing to develop a post-discharge plan for a resident who was released to an unsafe environment
  • Failing to report an allegation of abuse involving one resident to the state
  • Failing to document nursing assessments before and after three residents had dialysis

According to the government’s Medicare website, the facility received two out of five stars, which is a below average rating. In the past year, the nursing home had eighteen health deficiencies, which is six more than the average number of health deficiencies in Arizona and ten more than in the United States. The number of health deficiencies increased over the past two years.

An April 2009 inspection resulted in twenty-one citations for failing to provide reasonable accommodations, allowing residents to develop pressure sores, and failing to keep the premises free of dangerous situations.

The nursing home inspection also revealed that Devon Gables failed to file laboratory reports in one resident’s clinical records, which violates the requirement that a record be kept of all medical services for residents. The resident, who suffered from renal disease, had blood tests, but the results were not in the resident’s file.

Devon Gables failed to keep its facility free from a condition or situation that could cause a resident physical injury when it failed to equip a shower room with a nurse call system.

Also, due to safety concerns, the nursing home is required to store medications in locked compartments. This requirement was not met when Devon Gables left a treatment cart unlocked and unattended for almost an hour.

Lastly, nursing homes are required to provide all residents with reasonable accommodations to ensure the highest level of physical and psychological well-being. In this respect, Devon Gables failed to provide two residents with wheelchairs with foot pedals to help properly positioning in the wheelchairs. Also along these lines, Devon Gables was cited for failing to provide appropriate care and treatment to one resident with limited mobility. The resident was admitted to the facility with a risk for skin breakdown. Later, the resident developed an area of compromised skin caused by the foot rubbing against a wheelchair pedal. This area of skin developed into a Stage IV pressure sore.

The numerous citations and recent fine for civil violations calls into question Devon Gable’s ability to provide adequate care for its residents. If your family member is a victim of poor care at Devon Gables, I would honor the opportunity to discuss your situation. As always, our legal services are completely free if there is no recovery for you. Speak to our experienced nursing home lawyers today 800-926-7565.

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