Information & Ratings on Crown Care Center (Violations)

Families with loved ones at nursing homes who are not receiving adequate care are often at a loss for what to do in response. There is often an inclination to "let things slide." In some instances, the family does not want to risk their loved one's care by speaking out, while another reason for the silence is the belief that the family member's situation cannot be changed. While the latter belief is a natural one to have, it is also not entirely correct. Thanks to the law, you can do something to both improve your loved one's care as well as receive financial compensation if it is warranted. The attorneys at the Nursing Home Law Center can help you navigate this process from start to finish. 

The Crown Care Center has 118 certified beds. The facility is certified by Medicare and Medicaid. It provides both long and short-stay services as is owned by a for-profit corporation. It is located at:

3001 E Elm St 
Harrisonville, MO 64701
(816) 380-6525

Federal and state regulators are permitted to assess fines against nursing home facilities in order to punish them for violations and to bring them back into compliance with federal regulators. The noncompliance is discovered when nursing homes undertake periodic surprise inspections of nursing homes. The average fine for a nursing home is $33,453, according to a New York Times study. In January 2017, the Crown Care Center was assessed a fine of $61,824, which is nearly double the national average. Under the rules that were in place at the same, fines could be assessed for daily violations of the regulations, meaning this facility had a prevalence of violations that persisted for a period of time. 

Medicaid has assigned the Crown Care Center a one-star rating. This is the lowest possible rating that a nursing home can receive. A facility will generally receive this rating when one of the four sub-areas of rating are rated as one star. In the case of the Crown Care Center, it has received this rating in the area of health inspections. 

The particular inspection that led to the large fine was reported upon in January 2017. This inspection report issued 14 separate citations, which is well above the national average of six for each facility. One of the reasons why the overall fine was so high was due to the fact that there were multiple occurrences of each particular violation, which likely increases the fine that the nursing home faces.

It was found that the facility did not take adequate measures to report falls and adjust plans after a fall. Residents who were fall risks were not properly escorted and transported when they were trying to move. In addition, there were numerous instances in which the treatment given to a particular patient was undignified. For example, patients' urine bags are supposed to have covers on them to hide the urine. In multiple instances, the patients' urine bags lacked a cover. Other patients had signs posted on their wall or doors regarding their care, which is inappropriate and not befitting of the patient's dignity.

The most recent 2018 inspection report also yielded 10 citations, which is still an unacceptably high level, even though it did not come with a fine this time. One of the citations was issued for the fact that food was not being stored in accordance with professional standards. There was debris and old food in the refrigerator mixed with the food for the residents, leading to potentially unsanitary conditions. In addition, there were issues with providing residents with adequate food to maintain a resident's health as one particular resident was given only ice cream at lunch and dinner leading to a large weight loss over the course of one month. This is consistent with the fact that nearly 13 percent of residents lose weight at this facility when the national average is seven percent. 

This nursing home also has much lower than average presence of physical therapists as the statistics reveal practically no therapists on staff at the facility. Accordingly, nearly 29 percent of long-stay residents experienced a drop in their ability to move independently.

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