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Mistreatment, abuse and neglect of our elders in a nursing care facility is not acceptable under any circumstances. Not only is this wrong, but it is also against the law. Numerous state and federal laws and regulations prohibit substandard care at skilled nursing facilities. When these laws have been violated, you can take legal action against the nursing home where your loved one resides.

The attorneys at Nursing Home Law Center can help you achieve the right result for your loved one. Oftentimes, the proper outcome is that you receive compensation for the treatment that your family member has been given and the nursing home is sent a message that this level of care is unacceptable. You do have the right and the power to do something about an intolerable situation that is causing pain and distress to your family member. 

Crestview Home is a 92 bed facility that is certified by both Medicare and Medicaid. It provides services to residents of the Bethany, MO are as well as Harrison County. This facility has for-profit ownership. It is located at:

1313 S 25th St,
Bethany, MO 64424
(660) 425-3128

The federal government has a number of means at its disposal in order to take actions against skilled nursing facilities. There is the regulatory structure that sets forth the rules with which these homes must comply. If there have been serious deficiencies that have been uncovered in a surprise audit of the nursing home, the federal government can impose a fine against the nursing home. When substantial violations are found, the nursing home has three months to correct those violations and return to compliance. If the facility does not return to compliance within that timeframe, they can be denied Medicare payments for any new applicants after that date.

The Crestview Home has received multiple fines in the past three years. The facility was fined $3,450 in January 2017. More recently, the Crestview Home was fined $50,567 in May 2018. This facility has also had multiple payment denials in the last three years, including the most recent one in May 2018. It must be noted that the fine that was assessed in May 2018 is on the higher end of fines levied against nursing homes, reflecting the severity of the violations. Additionally, it is rare that a skilled nursing facility has more than one payment denial in a three year period, and the Crestview Home has had two. 

The Crestview Home has received 14 citations in the past three years that have resulted from investigations that were undertaken after residents filed complaints against the facility. In addition, the May 2018 inspection report, which led to both the large fine and the most recent payment denial, issued 10 citations. Some of these citations are serious in nature.

In specific, the May 2018 report found many problems with the treatment at the facility. In several instances, certified nursing assistants were rude and menacing to residents of the home. When interviewed, one CNA admitted to being stressed and frustrated because they were the only CNA on the floor and the facility would not hire additional help. Residents reported being afraid to make requests when certain CNAs were on duty. In another instance, the facility did not put an alarm near the resident's bed to alert staff when the resident was trying to get out of bed. This is despite the fact that the resident was a fall risk and the family specifically asked multiple times for this alarm to be installed. The patient fell and was discovered on the floor in a pool of blood.

Further, the Crestview Home was cited for administering anti-anxiety medication to a patient without checking and seeing that the resident had already received both of their prescribed and required dosages. The May 2018 inspection report paints a portrait of a facility with numerous lapses in care, including failure to complete perineal care for residents and failure to properly make sure that they were showered and washed. These failures are not only undignified for the residents, but can also increase the rate of infection throughout the facility, and not just for the affected resident. In fact, this facility was found to lack an effective infection control program. There are additional citations that involve accident hazards throughout the facility and failure to accurately track medications that were given to patients. This latest inspection report is troubling to say the least, especially because the Crestview Home was already fined last year and the situation seems to be getting worse instead of better. The state investigations in response to complaints filed also reveal numerous deficiencies in care. The record shows that complaints from residents to the state are frequent.

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