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When the quality of treatment at a nursing home deteriorates, it has a profound impact on your entire family. In some instances, care is not just unprofessional, but it can be downright dangerous, even if it does not necessarily rise to the level of abuse or neglect. Some skilled nursing care can simply be so bad that it becomes legally actionable.

When you have a family member in a skilled nursing facility, you must be vigilant regarding the care that your family member is receiving. While not every issue in your loved one's care is necessarily grounds for a lawsuit, you should make sure that you remain on top of any issues relating to their treatment and be ready to retain a lawyer if necessary.

The Cori Manor Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center is a 144 certified bed facility that treats patients in Jasper County and Southwest Missouri. It has for-profit ownership. This Medicare and Medicaid certified facility is located at:

560 Corisande Hills Rd 
Fenton, MO 63026
(636) 343-2282

The most recent inspection reports that have been issued by Medicare paint a picture of a decline in the overall level of treatment at this facility. There have been a total of 38 deficiencies found just since the beginning of 2016, which is an alarming number in comparison to other nursing homes. In addition, the Cori Manor Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center received a fine of $3,509 in July 2016 based on the deficiencies that were found in an inspection.

The number of deficiencies has increased for this facility since the start of 2017. An inspection report that was issued in March 2017 revealed a total of 15 health citations. This is far above the national average of 5.8 on each inspection. In addition, there have been 16 complaints filed in the past three years that have resulted in a citation. Even accepting the fact that no skilled nursing facility is uniformly perfect, this also places Cori Manor Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center far outside of the normal numbers of citations.

One of the more egregious violations in the March 2017 inspection report involved an incontinent resident who pressed the call button when they were soiled. Five staff members walked by the resident's room with the call button lit and did not enter the room to help clean the resident. This particular resident sat in their soiled garments for over 90 minutes after they asked for help. When help arrived, the staff treated the resident in an undignified manner, throwing the soiled briefs across the room where it landed with a thud. This report also detailed numerous instances in which staff members did not treat residents with the appropriate dignity. 

This home also failed to provide appropriate housekeeping services as the surveyor reported an odor so pungent that it caused the surveyor's eyes to tear. Staff members indicated that this odor was frequently prevalent since one resident had frequent bouts of diarrhea. In addition, there was general confusion among the staff about which medications certain residents were supposed to take. 

The metrics of care for long-stay residents reveal several abnormalities that are far worse than the national averages, indicating the prospect of substandard care. Residents of this facility receive antipsychotic medications at nearly three times the national average and anti-anxiety medications at a rate that is more than double the mean. Further, the number of hospitalizations is well above both the state and national averages.

The number of hospitalizations has caused Medicare to withhold a portion of this home's reimbursements as a penalty. Medicare can hold back up to two percent of a home's reimbursements. In the case of Cori Manor Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, Medicare withheld practically the entire two percent that they were able given that the rate of hospitalization is so high.

While the number of deficiencies in the April 2018 inspection report was lower than in the past, it was still well above the national average. This facility has still struggled to maintain an infection control program and make sure that they have implemented a program that monitors antibiotic use. This facility has been the subject of numerous complaints in 2018 to the state regulators although none of the investigation conducted this far in 2018 have resulted in the finding of any deficiencies.

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