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Information & Ratings on Communities of Wildwood Ranch

When your loved one needs nursing home care, they have reached the point in their life where their well-being is nearly entirely out of their control and yours. The problem occurs when those who do have control over the treatment and care of your family member fail to uphold the job which has been committed to them. When that happens, it not only has an impact on your loved one's health and wellness, but it also has a profound effect on your family. You can take action and do not simply have to take mistreatment or neglect as a given. Instead, when you call the attorneys at the Nursing Home Law Center, you can begin the process of holding the nursing home accountable for their actions or their inactions. 

The Communities of Wildwood Ranch is a Medicare and Medicaid-certified facility which offers its services to residents of Joplin and the larger Jasper County, Missouri. The home has 120 certified beds and has both long-term and short-term care options. The facility is located at: 

3222 S John Duffy Dr 
Joplin, MO 64804
(417) 621-0175

The federal government as well as the State of Missouri have parallel regulatory structures that both scrutinize the care given at nursing homes. The federal government has the power to levy fines against facilities that fail to meet the requirements to operate as a skilled nursing facility. In other words, if there is deficient care, dangers to the residents, or any other serious deficiency, the federal government has the power to assess monetary penalties. In addition to harming the facility's bottom line, fines also hurt the home's reputation and can dissuade new potential residents from moving there. 

In January 2017, the Communities of Wildwood Ranch was assessed an $18,231 fine. The inspection report from January 2017 contained serious deficiencies. While there was not a large number of separate deficiencies in the report, the deficiencies that were noted were very serious. For example, the inspection report noted several instances in which patients unnecessarily received medications. Specifically, there were several residents who did not have a supporting diagnosis who received anti-psychotic medications. Patients with no behavioral symptoms or cognitive impairments were found to have been given these medications. In other instances, residents who did not report any issues with anxiety were given medications to treat anxiety. The staff did not document the need for these medications nor did they track behaviors that could have been treated by them. Needless drug prescriptions, especially of anti-psychotic medications, is a common element of many of the fines levied by the federal government. This facility had a rate of patients receiving anti-psychotic drugs that was much higher than the national average, in part due to gratuitous and unneeded prescriptions. Simply stated, the federal government treats it very seriously when residents are given drugs that they do not need, given the side effects that can result from medications.

The same inspection report also found that the Communities of Wildwood Ranch did not have an effective program for preventing the spread of infection. Specifically, the nurses did not properly wash their hands after coming into contact with urine and feces before applying cream to a resident. In another instance, the nurse did not wash their hands before placing a clean brief on a patient after a soiled brief was changed. It is dangerous when staff members do not use the proper sanitization measure since infection can easily spread throughout the facility and impact those whose bodies are already weakened. 

In addition, the Communities of Wildwood Ranch has also received several deficiencies from state examinations that resulted from complaints. For example, in August 2017, the facility was found to have not given each resident proper care that is commensurate with their condition. In addition, that same investigation discovered that the Communities of Wildwood Ranch did not have comprehensive care plans that met professional standards of quality.

Due to the quality of life and care deficiencies, this facility has received a one-star rating by Medicare. This is the lowest possible rating that a nursing home can receive. Patients at this facility have a higher rate of hospitalization than the national average, although it has not yet risen to the level where Medicare has denied payment applications for new residents. 

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