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The Columbus bedsore injury attorneys of Nursing Home Law Center LLC are committed to defending neglected nursing patients who would otherwise be denied a voice by the large nursing care centers that have denied them the respect and dignity they deserve. The development or worsening of a pressure ulcer is completely unwarranted in the majority of cases we encounter due to the simplicity of treatment options available to prevent these injuries from occurring. If your loved one has suffered from an advanced pressure sore, we are ready to pursue the justice that you are seeking on his or her behalf.

Columbus Senior Demographics

Columbus is the second largest city in Georgia and is a growing metropolis with over 200,000 residents. 11.6% of its population is comprised of seniors while those between the age of 50 and 64 also represent a significant segment of the populace. This will result in a strong need for senior services and assistance programs in the coming years as thousands of people join the ranks of current retirees. To meet the needs of the aging population, the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of programs through the Gallops Senior Center.

Members can participate in activities ranging from recreational games and social events to hot meals with their peers, exercise courses and educational classes on topics of interest. To learn more about the different services provided through the center, you can visit

Limited Nursing Home Options Present a Bleak Outlook for Columbus Residents

At the moment, there are only 10 nursing centers within a 25 mile range of Columbus and only one of them has received a five star rating from Medicare based on its ability to provide top quality care. This is concerning for those who have loved ones in the other nine facilities and can make it difficult for many to make the decision to place a loved one under assistive care.

Our Columbus pressure sore lawyers suggest using the Medicare nursing home compare tool featured at to extend your search beyond Columbus, where you can find more viable four and five star options. The tool will help you feel more secure by helping you avoid centers that have been fined or penalized or graded poorly on staff quality and health inspection results. In the event you feel that your loved one is exposed to an unhealthy environment, we would be glad to assist you in reviewing alternative options.

Pressure Sores are Becoming More Common in Columbus Nursing Centers

Our current epidemic of nursing neglect and abuse has causes rooted in budget cuts and deregulation that has made it easier for corporations to compete against their non-profit counterparts and gain a foothold in the market. For profit centers now have over a 70% share of the industry and this has had consequences for patients in that the corporations driven by profit have reduced investment in staff and programs which would ensure that patients remain safe and comfortable.

Understaffing has been a proven contributor to the development of bedsores because staff members who are stretched for time have the tendency to prioritize their patients— ignoring some in order to serve the needs of others. Most pressure ulcers are preventable with very basic care, making it inexcusable for patients to suffer from severe ulcers that have developed over a long period of time. In addition to the pain and agony patients suffer, the sores are open to infection and can threaten their lives if left untreated.

Put Our Columbus Nursing Home Lawyers to Work on Your Bed Sore Injury Claim

Nursing Home Law Center LLC is prepared to take any negligent nursing home to task for the reprehensible practice of placing profit above people. If your loved one has been neglected, we invite you to contact us today so that we can arrange a free consultation with one of our award winning Columbus bedsore injury attorneys. Once we have reviewed your claim, we can let you know more about your legal options so that you are able to make an informed decision on how you wish to proceed.

Should you have questions about Georgia law related to pressure sores and nursing homes, view our page here.

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Jonathan did a great job helping my family navigate through a lengthy lawsuit involving my grandmother's death in a nursing home. Through every step of the case, Jonathan kept my family informed of the progression of the case. Although our case eventually settled at a mediation, I really was impressed at how well prepared Jonathan was to take the case to trial. Lisa
After I read Jonathan’s Nursing Home Blog, I decided to hire him to look into my wife’s treatment at a local nursing home. Jonathan did a great job explaining the process and the laws that apply to nursing homes. I immediately felt at ease and was glad to have him on my side. Though the lawsuit process was at times frustrating, Jonathan reassured me, particularly at my deposition. I really felt like Jonathan cared about my wife’s best interests, and I think that came across to the lawyers for the nursing home. Eric