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Many patients residing in nursing homes in Colorado suffer serious pressure sores, which can quickly become life threatening. However, bedsores are easily prevented by following three simple steps:

  • Daily routine skin inspections
  • Ensure that the patient is always clean and dry
  • Provide the patient quality nutrition and keep them hydrated

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC is committed to holding medical facilities accountable when a person at a nursing home or hospital develops a pressure sore. Our Colorado nursing home abuse lawyers have a track-record of success when it comes to prosecuting these cases. We invite you to contact our office for a free review of your Colorado pressure ulcer case.

Most problems with developing bedsores could be avoided if the medical staff at the nursing facility performs a skin inspection on the patient. Checking body parts most susceptible to pressure sores (pressure points) provides the opportunity to quickly identify a developing bedsore in its early stage. These pressure points are typically bony prominences that make contact with bedding material, padding or another part of the body including the buttocks, ankles, heels, head, shoulders and shoulder blades.

Unfortunately, many patients suffering bedsores (pressure ulcers; decubitus ulcers; pressure sores) are neglected by nursing staff that are too busy or lack sufficient training to provide quality care.

Early Stage Bedsores

Bedsores are categorized in four specific stages. In the early stage (Stage I) the pressure sore will appear as a reddened area or blister with slight inflammation. The condition develops because blood flow is restricted to the area, depriving surrounding tissue of necessary nutrients and oxygen. However, without treatment, the inflamed reddened area progresses deeper into lower layers of skin and into fat, muscle and eventually bone.

The easiest way to avoid the condition is to treat the bedsore before it begins to progress farther into the skin at the epidermis layers. Treating the condition in its early stage requires repositioning the body to relieve the pressure and allow blood flow and oxygen to flood back into the area.

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Advancing Stages of a Pressure Wound

Bedsores can become life threatening if allowed to progress or advance into the final stages (Stage III & IV). Once the condition reaches the deep layers of skin, fat, bone and muscle, treating the sore becomes far more challenging. It often requires surgical debridement where dead or rotting skin is removed in an effort to promote healing. At this point, the open wound is highly susceptible to developing a bone infection (osteomyelitis) or a blood infection (sepsis).

Is the Patient Neglected?

Family members are often horrified when they realize their loved one is suffering from a bedsore and wonder if it is due to neglect. However, there are steps to ensure the nursing staff is performing their duties to prevent the development of sores.

If the facility is being managed correctly, the nursing staff will maintain progress notes where daily skin inspections are documented. This ensures that the patient is being treated according to the health plan developed by their doctor and implemented by the nursing facility.

Family members can ask to look at the nurses’ progress reports to take note of any marked skin inspection performed throughout each day. The charts should indicate any noted sign of a bedsore, and the appropriate action taken to alleviate the condition. The note should indicate the depth and size of the sore in the appropriate steps addressed to ensure its healing.

Taking Legal Action for a Colorado Pressure Ulcer Case Today

Even if the family members find progress notes in their loved one’s medical charts, the staff may not be qualified to handle the condition appropriately. Below is a list of qualified personnel with access to the best care possible. These skilled professionals can ensure that the love one receives proper treatment from qualified medical professionals dedicated to treating and healing bedsores.

If you are looking for an attorney to assist with the investigation or prosecution of a Colorado nursing home abuse case involving bed sores or other injury visit the pages below:

If you suspect negligence by medical staff at the nursing facility is causing the bedsore suffered by your loved one, it is essential to speak to a Colorado nursing home neglect attorney now. A skilled nursing home lawyer can take steps to stop the negligence immediately, provide specialized healthcare to ensure proper healing of the wound suffered by your loved one and help you seek financial compensation for the injuries they have endured. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC has recovered millions for families impacted by pressure sores, allow us to do the same for you.

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