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Chicago Nursing Home AbuseWhen we make the difficult decision to enroll a loved one into a Chicago nursing home, we expect that the staff is going to take care of them properly and meet their needs wherever possible. Unfortunately, it has become commonplace to see neglect and outright abuse in many of these nursing homes. While state and federal regulations are in place to protect the elderly (with the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act as one of the major ones), violations of this act and abuse in Chicago nursing homes do still happen every single day.

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Why is This Problem Growing?

With our population aging, we are only going to see more and more people living in nursing homes over the next two decades. Oftentimes these facilities are under-staffed and/or under-trained. Considering abuse and neglect are already happening far too often, this is only going to increase as more people need these services.

While we may assume that many enter into the care industry because they want to help others, the motivation for many of the large companies behind these nursing homes is money. When profit is what matters, oftentimes quality of patient care is less important. Companies will hire less experienced employees to save money and provide minimal amenities. The impact on patient care is almost immediate because of these major changes in the nursing home industry. Patient injury, neglect, and abuse incident numbers are rising as companies aim to reduce care in order to maintain profitability.

Signs of Potential Abuse or Neglect to Look For

Unfortunately, it can be rather difficult to determine signs of poor care or neglect of a nursing home patient. Because no two cases are the same, the signs will vary. Oftentimes family members of the patient are going to be in the best position to determine whether the nursing home staff is providing adequate care. The family knows the patient beyond the nursing home, so they may be able to identify possible changes. For someone who only knows the person as they were in the nursing home, someone being neglected in a Chicago nursing home is far harder to identify.

Not all signs of abuse are going to be immediate. There may be a gradual onset of symptoms as the problem develops or escalates. Even during regularly scheduled visits, you may not notice right away. Experts have identified the following common warning signs that may indicate a problem exists.

  • The patient is living in dirty conditions
  • The patient has pressure sores on his or her body
  • There is a change in demeanor, the patient becomes agitated quickly
  • The patient has a loss of appetite
  • The patient is rapidly losing weight
  • The family member begins to withdraw from friends and family
Know When it’s Time to Take Legal Action and Contact a Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm

Remember that emotional and/or physical abuse cannot be ignored. We entrust these facilities to look after our elders, but it is clear that for many of these facilities, providing the best possible care takes a backseat to profits. Remember that this is not merely about our own loved ones, if it happens to one person in the facility, chances are that it is happening to more. These changes matter, not only because it affects our elders, but eventually we ourselves are going to need facilities such as these. If you do not take action against Chicago nursing home abuse, who will?

If you suspect neglect of a patient in an Illinois nursing home, we invite you to contact our Chicago nursing home negligence attorneys for a free consultation. Our legal team has helped hundreds of families recover compensation from negligent facilities throughout the state. Call us anytime to arrange a telephone call or in-person meeting. (800) 926-7565.

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