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Information & Ratings on Cedargate Healthcare

In general, placing your loved one in an elder care facility is a difficult decision for both the loved one and the entire family. You want your loved one to receive the best care possible and be as comfortable as they can. This situation turns to a nightmare when the facility to whom you entrust them provides substandard care.

While this is a terrible situation, the good news is that you do not have to stand by and watch your loved one be neglected, or, in a worst-case scenario, abused. Your family member has legal rights, and you have the ability to do something about the situation on their behalf. When you contact the attorneys at Nursing Home Law Center, you have taken the first step towards your decision to do something to improve your loved one's situation.

Cedargate Healthcare participates in Medicare and Medicaid. It is a "for profit" home and provides services to residents of Poplar Bluffs and Southeast Missouri. There are both long-term care and assisted living options. It has 108 certified beds in the facility and is located at:

2350 Kanell Blvd 
Poplar Bluff, MO, 63901
(573) 785-0188

Nursing homes are subject to both federal and state regulation. Since Medicare and Medicaid make payments to nursing homes, there are requirements that these homes be certified in accordance with federal regulations. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will conduct surprise inspections of the facility in order to ensure that the homes are in compliance with these regulations. The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services also conducts inspections of these homes.

CMS rates the nursing homes on a five-star scale, with one-star being the lowest ranking possible. The rating includes various subratings on specific discrete areas. These ratings serve as a guide for those who are potential residents of the facilities and their families.

Cedargate Healthcare received an overall one-star rating from CMS, indicating that there are significant problems with the quality of care at the home. In addition, Cedargate Healthcare also received a one-star subrating for health inspections and two stars for quality of resident care. According to the ProPublica database, Cedargate Healthcare has a total of 33 serious deficiencies in the reporting period. 

The most recent federal inspection was conducted in March 2018. For the March 2017 federal inspection, Cedargate Healthcare received 20 citations, which is well above the average of six that each home receives on its inspections. During the course of this inspection, it was found that the facility did not follow the proper procedures to ensure that it did not hire people with no legal history of abusing residents. There were two employees who were hired without any record of checking their references. The facility also failed to report an injury to a resident of unknown origin to the relevant state survey agency. This particular resident had a bruise on their head and could not say how they got it because of their cognitive status. This should have triggered a report to the state so it could be investigated for possible abuse. The facility apparently took half measures, but did not follow the proper procedures. 

In addition, this inspection also revealed instances in which the home failed to treat residents with the required dignity, including one staff member who called a resident "grandma." There were other occurrences where residents were crying or screaming for help and the staff did not address their issues. This nursing home also failed to update and maintain residents' care plans after changes in their physical or mental condition. 

The statistics regarding the quality of the long-term care at Cedargate Healthcare also indicate numerous areas where the facility gets below average results from its treatment of residents. Nearly 12 percent of the patients at Cedargate Healthcare get some kind of pressure ulcer. This condition can largely be prevented with the proper care since it results from pressure being applied to a vulnerable area for a prolonged period of time. In addition, over one third of the residents at this home experienced a degradation in their ability to move independently while residing at the facility. This is practically double the national average. 

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