Can Bed Sores be Fatal?

By Bed Sore FAQ

Fatal Bedsores

Yes. The reality is that the prognosis for most patients with bed sores is not good. Although few studies have been conducted regarding the overall mortality of patients with bed sores (also referred to as: decubitus ulcers, pressure ulcers or pressure sores), a study of patients with paraplegia determined that bed sores are a direct cause of death in 7 – 8% of all people.

Other studies have determined that more than 33% of patients hospitalized for bed sores (as a primary condition) will die during their stay. In cases where patients developed a bed sore in the hospital, only 50% will live more than twelve months.

In other groups of patients who have a serious illness accompanied by bed sores, the bed sores may result in an expedited decline in overall condition and death.


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