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Bedsores have established themselves as one of the most symbolic signs of systemic neglect of patients in nursing homes, hospitals and other medical facilities. Once thought to be an unpreventable condition that was just part of getting old, today we now see that bed sores generally be prevented with proper care and nutrition.

Given the fact that bedsores impact more than 500,000 patients every year and result in billions of dollars in resulting medical treatment, it is easy to see why bed sores have become such an important topic amongst websites and blogs. Here are some valuable websites and articles related to bedsores that I have found particularly useful for families seeking information or simply looking for a place to vent frustrations.

This is describing how to care for bedsores through healthy eating and herbal treatments. The blog talks about home remedies for the bed sores and future prevention.

Garrett’s Legal Info Blog

Garrett discusses the elderly in the United States and how our society views the elderly and the fact that nursing homes and assisted living facilities exist to help care for seniors around the clock. He outlines the seniors legal rights.

Medical Malpractice Nursing Home Abuse Neglect Injury Lawyer

Through the eyes of the study described, music is used in nursing homes to prompt staff to change the positions of the residents. They are using 10 nursing homes in the study to see if it helps the staff remember to more promptly change the residents’ positions.

Rasansky Law Firm

A Texas family won their lawsuit against a nursing home due to a family member dying from complications of a bedsore. The nursing home was also found delinquent in hydrating and providing adequate nutrition for the deceased.

The Nursing Home Monitor

This blog talks about all the current news that is affecting the nursing home industry. It discusses litigations, current vaccinations and trends.

California Watch

According to the data collected, bedsores are high on the list when it comes to problems in hospitals. Developing bedsores after hospital admission is a major problem that needs to be addressed due to the growing problem.

This blog goes into bringing up the argument that repositioning to help care for and prevent bedsores may not help with treatment and prevention. The argument is that the bedsores are still developing despite the care plan that includes a repositioning schedule. Hmmm…

Bedsores are prevented by a healthy diet that builds muscle in the body. Nutrition fuels the body and helps the body stay healthy and prevent breakdown which can lead to bedsores.

ByeBye Doctor

Bedsores are defined by the author. Then the articles go into symptoms, causes and treatment of the bedsore.

McKnight’s Long Term Care News & Assisted Living

This blog focuses on bed sores and noticing the difference between bedsores and other sores. The treatment for these sores are different depending on where they stem from.

This blog depicts home remedies that help treat bedsores. It ranges from using Vitamin E oil to Lysol spray to Aloe Vera.

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