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Nursing Home Spotlight: Edwardsville Terrace

Screen-shot-2010-08-11-at-6_29_52-PMOn November 24, 2009 nursing home surveyors from the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) conducted an inspection of Edwardsville Terrace, a nursing home in Edwardsville, IL.  The inspection of the facility found numerous violations of federal and state laws applicable to nursing home care.

In particular, surveyors discovered the following alarming situations at the Southern Illinois facility:

  • The facility failed to have written procedures regarding patient care (Section 350.620 Resident Care Policies)
  • Edwardsville failed to provide skilled nursing services that are required to maintain each patient’s health– when the facility failed to identify signs of physical and psychological illness that were apparent in one of the patients (Section 350.1210 Health Services)
  • Delaying the implementation of medical care that was necessary for patients who need the services of a physician, licensed nurse or professional nurse
  • Failed to maintain adequate patient records pursuant to Section 350,1610
  • Neglecting a patient in violation of Section 2-107 of Illinois’ Nursing Home Care Act

The above violations came to light following an investigation of an extremely sick patient suffering from uncontrolled diabetes and severe mental illness amongst other maladies.

Nursing home surveyors focused on the fact that the patient at issue was admitted to a hospital emergency room after an extended illness Edwardsville Terrace.  The unidentified patient was admitted to the emergency room with the following diagnosis:

  1. Septic shock
  2. Dehydration
  3. Cardiomyopathy
  4. E. Coil
  5. Sepsis
  6. Right nephrolithiasis causing E. Coli sepsis
  7. Chronic ear infection
  8. Hypertriglycerdemia

The nursing home patients acute illness necessitated extensive medical treatment and extended hospitalization. While reviewing the patient’s chart from Edwardsville Terrace, a gross lack of documentation lead the surveyors to believe the facility failed to provide essential medical care.

Certainly, this survey should give patients and their families cause for concern; due to the fact that this facility failed to meet the basic needs of this patient.  Hopefully, the disclosure of poor care (as well as the $20,000 fine imposed against this facility) will cause Edwardsville to improve their documentation and re-commit themselves to providing necessary care for all of their patients.

Nonetheless, I am sure that this incident is not isolated.  If you believe your loved one was mistreated, abused or neglected at Edwardsville Terrace, I would honor the opportunity to speak to you about the situation and your legal options.


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