Bed Sore Prevention and Treatment

$25 Billion Problem: Push Towards Prevention of Wounds Like Bed Sores

Are Bed Sores Completely Preventable? Extremely Likely

Are There any Federal Regulations That Apply to the Prevention of Bed Sores?

Avoidable Medical Errors, Such as Decubitus Ulcers, Continue to Rise in Hospitals Despite Reduction Methods

Bed Sore Prevention may Require Nursing Homes to Obtain Pressure Relieving Devices for Their Patients

Bed Sore Prevention: Staff Must Turn & Reposition Bed-Ridden Patients at Regular Intervals

Doctors say Severe Pressure Sore Wounds Should be Kept Moist

Even Stiff Fines Can’t Force Nursing Homes to Take Necessary Steps to Prevent Pressure Ulcers

Evidence That More Nurses Helps Improve Patient Care

Federal Guidelines Suggest Specific Measures for Preventing and Treating Bed Sores

Has any Research Been Done Regarding the Prevalence of Bed Sores in the U.S.?

Hospitals use Mattresses to Reduce Bed Sores

How do Medical Facilities Assess Healing Bed Sores?

How is “Tissue Tolerance” Related to Prevention of Bed Sores?

In Order to Prevent Pressure Sores, it is Important to Analyze the Factors That Make a Person Susceptible to Developing Them

Malnutrition is a Leading Cause of Bedsores

Medical Facilities are not Doing Enough to Prevent Pressure Ulcers on Patients’ Heels

Much Easier to Prevent the Development of Pressure Sores Than to Treat Them After They’re Developed

National Institute of Health (NIH) Study Lists Bed Sore Prevention Tips

New Hospital Bed may Eliminate Risk of Decubitus Ulcers in Immobile Patients

Nutritional Supplements may Help Heal Pressure Sores

Physician Group Gives Advice on Reducing Pressure Sores

Pressure Mapping System can Help Identify Areas of the Body Prone to Develop Pressure Sores

Pressure Relieving Devices may Help Reduce Rates of Pressure Sores in Nursing Home & Hospital Patients

“Pressure Sensing” System Could Detect Pressure & Eliminate Bed Sores

Pressure Sores Must be Timely Treated in Order to Maximize Chances of Patient Recovery

Preventing an Infection in a Bed Sore

Proper Bed Sore Care Must Involve Dermatologists, Expert Says

Scientific Approach Used to Eliminate Development of Decubitis Ulcers

Sometimes Bed Sores in a Nursing Home Patient Aren’t Discovered Until They are Taken to a Hospital

Study Emphasizes Importance of Good Diet in Preventing Pressure Ulcers

Study Gives Suggestions for Treating and Preventing Bed Sores

Threat of Stiff Fines Still Fails to Reduce Rate of Pressure Sores at Some Nursing Homes

Tips for Ensuring Your Parent’s Proper Care & Prevent Complications Like Pressure Sores

Treating Bed Sores Before They Develop

What are Nursing Homes Required to do to Prevent Bed Sores?

What can Hospitals do to Reduce the Rate of Bed Sores in Their Facilities?

Who Said Nursing Care was Easy? The Prevention of Bed Sores Requires Staff to Turn & Reposition Patients on a Regular Basis

Why do Some Wound Clinics and Nursing Homes Suggest the Use of Clinitron Beds for Patients with Bed Sores?

Why is “Turning” so Important to Prevention of Bed Sores?

Will Music Sound the Farewell Tune to Bed Sores Acquired at Nursing Homes?

Without a Prevention Plan, all Nursing Home & Hospital Patients Remain at Risk for Developing Pressure Ulcers

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