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Nursing homes owe a duty of care to their residents. They must act as any care provider would under the circumstances. If they fail to uphold this duty, they can be held legally responsible. Mistreatment of residents or neglect would most definitely fall into this category as would abuse of the resident. While elder abuse is inexcusable, you have the power to do something about it. 

This means that if your loved one is not receiving the care that they should, you may possibly have a legal course of action to pursue. When you contact the attorneys at Nursing Home Law Center, we can review the facts of your loved one's treatment and let you know if you have a possible legal case. Our team has handled many nursing home abuse and mistreatment cases in Missouri and we can help you too.

The Beauvais Manor Healthcare & Rehab Center is approved by both Medicare and Medicaid. The facility has 184 certified beds and it has a "for profit" owner. The home also has an Alzheimer's unit and a short-term rehab unit. The center is located at:

625 Magnolia Ave. 
St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 771-2990

The Beauvais Manor Healthcare & Rehab Center has been the subject of a number of complaints from residents over the past three years. When residents files complaints with the regulators, the authorities have are able to perform an investigation of the complaint. If they deem it to be necessary, they may issue a citation based on their findings. This facility has had a very high number of complaints resulting in a citation, with 14 recorded over the past three years. There was also an additional self-reported incident that resulted in a citation.

While the Beauvais Manor Healthcare & Rehab Center has not received any federal fines in the past three years, there has been a payment denial in September 2016. Medicare has the ability to deny payment to a facility when it is not in compliance with requirements for participation in Medicare, although this is a drastic step. This means that the facility had violations of regulations and did not return to compliance within three months. The letter to the facility informing them of the uncorrected violation stated that the home left medications and razors unsecured and this was not corrected on the subsequent visit after the initial violation was noted. 

One of the more significant violations in the inspection that led to the payment suspension was that there was a high rate of medication errors. Generally while mistakes sometimes do happen at nursing facilities, nursing homes need to keep medication error rates below five percent. On this particular inspection, the rate was over ten percent. 

The Beauvais Manor Healthcare & Rehab Center has received a one-star overall rating from Medicare. This poor rating results from the fact that it has received a one-star area in the rating of health inspections. One of the more egregious incidents in the November 2017 inspection report involved a nurse who refused to turn off a machine that was beeping across the hallway when asked to do so by the resident. The nurse told the elderly wheelchair-bound resident "I don't need your input" then joked with a supervisor about being allowed to verbally abuse the resident. Residents reported that they were afraid to speak out of line to facility staff because they do not like to be yelled at by nurses when they feel they have done nothing wrong. Other violations involved a lack of respect for patients' privacy, such as nurses discussing patients' personal business with each other within earshot of other residents. Additional privacy-related infractions involved administering medical treatment in view of other patients.

One of the areas where the Beauvais Manor Healthcare & Rehab Center falls short is in having adequate nursing care. The home has 23 minutes of RN care per resident per day. This is far short of the national average of 41 minutes and below the prevailing rate in Missouri of 28 minutes per resident. In addition, long-stay residents of the facility develop pressure sores at nearly double the national rate.

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