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Bay Breeze Health and Rehabilitation CenterMistreatment occurring in nursing homes across the U.S. is in all too common occurrence. According to statistics maintained by Medicare, there are thousands of senior citizens, the disabled, and rehabilitating subjected to abuse and neglect at nursing homes nationwide. Many of these individuals suffered mistreatment at the hands of their caregivers, employees, visitors, and other patients.

If your loved one was injured while living in a Sarasota County nursing facility, contact the Florida nursing home affiliate attorneys now for immediate legal help. Our team of abuse prevention lawyers can work on your family’s behalf to ensure you are adequately compensated for your damages.

Bay Breeze Health and Rehabilitation Center

This facility is a 120-certified bed "for-profit" long-term care home providing services and cares to residents of Venice and Sarasota County, Florida. The Medicare and Medicaid-participating center is located at:

1026 Albee Farm Rd
Venice, Florida 34292
(941) 484-0425

In addition to providing around the clock skilled nursing care, Bay Breeze Health and Rehabilitation Center offers other services. Additional focused care includes short-term and long term care.

Fined $85,780 for substandard care

Financial Penalties and Violations

Florida nursing home regulators and federal inspectors have the legal authority to penalize any nursing home identified as violating rules and regulations that harmed or could have harmed a resident. Typically, these penalties include monetary fines and denial of payment of medical services.

Within the last three years, investigators imposed two monetary penalties against Bay Breeze Health and Rehabilitation Center, citing substandard care. These penalties include a $68,136 fine on October 01, 2018, and a $17,644 fine on March 02, 2017, for a total of $85,780.

The nursing home received four complaints over the last three years that resulted in a violation citation. Additional information concerning the facility can be reviewed on the comprehensive Florida Adult Protective Services Website.

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Venice Florida Nursing Home Safety Concerns

One Star Rating

Information on every intermediate and long-term care home in the state can be reviewed on government-owned and operated database websites, including the Florida Department of Public Health and

According to Medicare, this facility maintains an overall rating of one out of five stars, including one out of five stars concerning health inspections, two out of five stars for staffing issues, and two out of five stars for quality measures.

  • Failure to Provide Every Resident an Environment Free of Accident Hazards and Provide Adequate Supervision to Prevent Avoidable Accidents – citation #F689 date January 10, 2019
  • The state investigators determined that the nursing home “failed to provide adequate supervision to [a confused resident] to prevent elopement [wandering away] from the facility.” Documentation indicates that the resident “was identified as being at risk for falls.”

    The surveyors indicated that the staff “failed to monitor [the resident’s] location, resulting in [the resident] leaving the facility unattended.” The resident’s Admission Nursing Note “described [the resident] as very agitated/anxiety and restless.”

    Between 3:30 AM and 5:00 AM on December 20, 2018, the Night Nurse noted that the resident began yelling, “I wanna go home.” The following morning at 2:30 AM, the Night Nurse indicated that “[the resident] again started screaming and yelling and wanted to go home.”

    Two days later, on December 23, 2018, the Night Nurse noted that the resident “was resistant with care and attempting to hit the staff. [The resident] was crawling out of bed, sitting on the floor mat,” and was unable to be redirected by the nursing staff.

    The day after Christmas at 5:40 PM, the Evening Nurse noted that the resident “walked out to the hallway, pushing his wheelchair and was short of breath with exertion. [The resident] was assisted back into his chair, and oxygen was applied.”

    The resident’s SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation) Communication Form dated the next day on December 27, 2018, just before 10:00 PM indicated that the resident “went out the back door in his wheelchair [and] was halfway down the sidewalk. [State-Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA)] saw [the resident, alerted the nurse, and the resident] was brought back inside.”

    The LPN in charge of providing the resident care stated, “she notified the family, Physician, and the Call Manager. When a sitter came in at 11:00 PM, [the resident] was taken to his room.” The LPN stated that “[the resident’s family] provided a private duty sitter as he was confused and restless at night.” The LPN stated that “she could not remember the door alarm going off.”

Abused at Bay Breeze Health and Rehabilitation Center? Our Attorneys Can Help

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