8 Websites as a Reference Tool for Patients & Families Coping with Pressure Sores

By Nursing Home Law Center

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Pressure sores may impact patients in nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities or even people with limited mobility who are living at home. Because pressure sores remain such a common problem impacting patients in all demographics, it is important to learn about pressure sore prevention, treatment and resources. Therefore, we have assembled a variety of pressure sore web-based resources authored by a diverse group of authors to gain various perspectives on treating and preventing the development of pressure sores.

1. Nursingtimes.net

This blog touches on nursing practice, all types of clinical research, community discussions and debates among nursing practices.

2. Nurse.com

Overall nursing spectrum guide to educate and help the nursing community understand nursing issues throughout the country.

This blog helps the community learn about and find skilled nursing homes for the people looking for placement. The blog discusses pertinent aspects of care in nursing facilities.

4. All Things Aging

All things aging discusses all aspects of elderly life as people age. Day to day living, self-care, home placement plus much more is discussed.

5. Rehabilitation Matters

Focusing on rehabilitation, this blog discusses the fact that pressure sores have been a historic problem for those in the rehabilitation process and it is still a problem today. The pressure sore can impede recovery and cause further complications to the patient.

6. Penawar Penyakit

This accurately describes pressure sores, stages, and treatment. It has a lot of photographic depictions of pressure sores and what they look like and how to find them. (blog deceased)

7. Care Cure Community

This sight and blog focuses on people with spinal cord injury and the prevalence of pressure sore development. There are people with spinal cord injury who blog and brings up topics.

8. Allegromedical.com

This focus is on wound care products and treatment for pressure sores. It touches on the lengthy process of caring for and healing a pressure sore in the body.

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