$25 Billion Problem: Push Towards Prevention of Wounds Like Bed Sores

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Prevention of Wounds

If you or a loved one has ever spent time significant time confined to bed or to a wheel chair, you are probably aware of the problem of bed sores (also know as pressure sores or decubitis ulcers). You may even know someone that has this disease. They typically arise from prolonged friction, pressure or shearing (when two bodies of the body move in different directions). Just in America, there are millions of people suffering from these chronic wounds, and it takes a significant toll on the economy as well according to the National Institute for Health. We spend billions of dollars every year on its treatment.

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. recently announced an alternative to bed sore medication that it believes will give patients added relief from this illness. NovaBay generally focuses on therapeutic solutions in the topical infections field. With bed sores, it divides all cases into two varieties: those that have healed or those that have not healed eight weeks after the original break in the wound. Before anything else, it emphasizes prevention.

This can stop the emergence of even the most severe kinds of sores, such as diabetic foot ulcers and venous insufficiency wounds. The former precludes the body from delivering oxygen to the affected area and that halts any chance of healing. The latter occurs when blood cannot easily travel through the veins of the body. The instance of both can be diminished through proper care of the body by not smoking, exercising, and keeping a healthy and nutritious diet.

However, NovaBay points out that we can take more active steps to diminish the spread and seriousness of pressure sores. Blood flow can be improved through surgery or the use of compression socks. Yet, these techniques will be of no use if biofilms have accumulated in the wound site. These are bacteria resistant to the immune system and antibiotics. This effectively reduces any chance of a successful recovery.

To the rescue, NovaBay has announced the release of its product called NeutroPhase. It is a wound cleanser that the company hopes will not merely eliminate the biofilms but also do so without releasing toxicity into the surrounding cells necessary for healing. However, even if this is successful, you should consult an experienced wound attorney to see whether you have a claim to bring to trial. The extent of any injury you suffered should be compensated if the doctors or staff were negligent in there care-even if you took successful measures to solve the problem. Also, an attorney can help you become familiar with the warning signs and risks associated with bed sores so that you can prevent it altogether or stop its spread.

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